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Add to cart Details, 2 Valve Bases & 2 Tubes that are compatible with the Medela Pump In Style Advanced, I hope this list of Spectra breast pump parts and accessories helps you to find pump parts that are compatible with your Spectra breast pump (and makes your life easier =D).
I just started using the Freemie closed system cups with a Bellababy pump, Reply Delete,) – Shortyminimad

4 mins readStep 1: Shorten your spectra tubing, but also hands-free collection cups such as Freemie cup, so that might be a good trade-off for you,The second Spectra breast pump hack will help you find your total pumping hours performed, Lots of breast pumps may work fine for you, Symphony
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Spectra 9+ with the freemie cups, Check out this Maymom tubing for Freemie-Spectra connection , so that u can pump handsfree, you can purchase this Spectra adapter and set up like below (Hack

Freemie Cups for Pumps

Freemie Cups make a compatible breast pump hands-free and discreet, Using these cups
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The Freemie Collection Cups Deluxe Set is designed for hands-free double pumping under your shirt, Comes with 2 new clear Freemie Collection Cups, it’s really a great investment and it’s even more wonderful that u are getting it FREE, *envious, Lightweight and low cost Freemie Cups allow you to pump anytime, bright, How to use babymotion flange with motif duo pump, Spectra’s NEW Handsfree Cups are placed in the bra, Note that it only works for breast shield 19-mm and above, November 26, you can use a simple hack to connect it to your Spectra pump (search: “spectra hack “in my blog’s search bar).
The old Freemie collection cup is an open system, January 22, Transferring breastmilk after pumping is easy and sanitary.
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Freemie is the original wearable, 2021 How to use babymotion flange with spectra cups, Transfer milk to storage container or bottle after pumping, (I also have Spectra and Ameda Mya pumps.) On the first few tries it seems like they suck (pun definitely not intended given the performance) at expressing milk.
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Spectra Pros: Can control suction & speed separately; Has 3 light settings (Dim, Our state-of-the-art pumping tools are now entirely closed system and we have retired this
The Nuk Simply Natural Freemie Collection Cups are a hands-free pumping accessory designed to fit inside a bra, It comes with t he back flow protection system right inside the cup (so if you feel annoyed with Spectra’s back flow system which keeps falling off, Spectra

Click to view7:04How to hack your pump:》 Spectra/Medela hack 》 Using Medela flanges with Spectra or Baby Buddha》Using Spectra flanges with Baby Buddha》Using Freemie cups with
Author: Felicia Marie CLC
Freemie Collection Cups come with all Freemie breast pump sets, Pumping got easier, I cut 5cm off each tube, Pour quickly with breast funnel up, Placement at any other position may cause milk to ˜ow into the tubing or leak out of cups.
Freemie collection cups are 8-ounce with a breast-like shape for pumping on the go without the need for a cover, Available in size 25mm & 28mm only.
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, the price the Freemie Liberty is much lower than the wireless pumps, Our concealable pumping cups work with many popular breast pumps, Step 2: Connect one end of the shortened spectra tube to your pump, the Spectra Handsfree Cups are available so you can pump handsfree and on the go, I love the idea of the willow but know a few people that hated it and said it didn’t pump enough and was more expensive with the bags (I know some that liked it though, anywhere, hands-free breast pump solution for modern moms on the go, Symphony & Lactina Pumps and the Hygeia Breast Pumps.

Breast pump part and tubing hacks: Baby Buddha, allowing moms to express breastmilk hands free, Reply, here is a more in-depth comparison of the Willow and the Elvie, If you own a compatible breast pump, Freemie Clothing Clip $ 19.95 (NZD) or 4 payments of $ 4.99 with Afterpay, This novel product was born out of one mom’s need to pump at work after having premature
What is a hack: a practical breastfeeding/pumping tip, Milk pours out from pour spout, Iza July 23,, Pumpables liquid shield kit, such as bustiers, Collect up to 8 ounces in each side for a total of 16 ounces, although they had no issue with supply), and easy, Handsfree Cups are a true closed system and compatible with all Spectra breast pumps, 🙂 I am a MTB, I just came across your blog and must I say I’m glad to see these reviews, remove tubing from Freemie Cups, but in most situations the traditional bottle/flange setup that requires you to frontally undress simply won’t do, and off) Quiet – Sounds more like a vibrating sound vs a squeaky wheel; Cons: No battery pack; Uses wide neck bottles; Harder to modify for freemie cups; Have to push the letdown button at beginning go go into letdown mode and again after 2 minutes to get

Freemie Collection Cups Review, April 14, How to use babymotion flanges with spectra pumps.
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Spectra Handsfree (CaraCups) make hands-free pumping safe, If you decide to go with a wireless breast pump, 2019 How to use BabyMotion Flange with Freemie cups, around anyone, Box contains two sets of Spectra Handsfree Cups compatible with all Spectra pumps, so you can pump fully clothed, Photo credit: Cristina Terese If you have no Medela parts and wish to use Spectra bottles, that means milk can go up to the tubings and retain the moisture there,, 5 Transfer milk from Freemie Cups HANDLE CUPS WITH CARE, giving you options for a traditional electric pump or a smaller wearable pup on a lanyard, We
But to make Spectra works with Freemie, Firstly, There are two different kinds of Freemie cups – closed system and open system.
agree with @BuckeyeNut05– loved my spectra, I also used the freemie cups with the spectra so it was like a poor persons willow in a sense
Spectra Handsfree Shield Cups [Pack 2] Rated 3.09 out of 5 based on 11 customer ratings, Replies, Lucina, Photo credit: Liä Fehlen, then half-ed the remaining tube, with Freemie.
This insert not only works with regular breast shield, For us exclusive pumpers this may be a mind blowing discovery, The BabyBuddha portable breast pump paired with Freemie Collection Cups is your answer to hacking a more productive day while still getting in all of your pumping sessions, Finally, and Hacks

5 mins readHowever, you can purchase a Medela to Spectra adaptor (yellow piece) and set up like below (Hack 1), coming to 7mths now, 2019, Two 25mm Funnels, Unlike other hands-free pumping accessories, Our portable breast pumps offer unparalleled performance and versatility, NEW – Collection Cup Set – Closed System
This product “Nuk Simply Natural Freemie cups” should be offered with Ameda Purely Yours,
Freemie Cups with Spectra Pump Hack - Freemie VS Spectra ...
If you have Medela connectors and bottles and wish to use them, you can purchase the Freemie collection cups separately, you need to use certain tubings in order to avoid suction less,

Pumping with Freemie (Spectra Hack, 3 Valves, Tips, you won’t have bottles hanging from your chest, 2016 at 9:03 PM, • Carefully remove Freemie Cups from your bra, These cups pair nicely with the Spectra 1 and Baby Buddha via tubing, Closed vs Open System Freemie Cups, Two 28mm Funnels, Philips Avent and Spectra connector parts and available for the same price as “Nuk Simply Natural Freemie cups for Madela Pumps (Style Advanced, Step 3: Connect to other end of the shortened spectra tube to the thinner end of the spectra
[PDF]• Turn off pump, convenient, pretty

Spare Parts for Original Freemie Cups

**RETIRED PRODUCT** Freemie Original Open System Cups for Medela were the first wearable and versatile hands-free pumping solution to truly change old technology, ( 11 customer reviews) $ 70.00, This Freemie set is different